Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Most embarrassing

I was talking to a friend earlier and we were discussing an embarrassing thing that happened to her yesterday. I started thinking about some of the embarrassing things that have happened to me.

This summer I was at the mall with Tink and my Mom. I was wearing the cute little black jersey material dress that I had purchased for the beach. We were in a store looking around when Tink decided she needed out of the stroller. I let her get out to walk with us. A few minutes later she ended up walking behind me. No big deal. Until she decided to flip my dress up in the air. The bottom of the dress stuck on my cotton underwear. There I stood in the middle of the store with my bright pink undies out there for the entire world to see. Needless to say, my face matched my undies. I jerked the dress back down and burst out laughing. I tend to laugh when I am embarrassed.

Of course this is just the most recent of the really embarrassing things that have happened to me.

There was the time in high school when I brought a date to the car to meet my parents, who were picking me and a friend up after our double date at the movies, and I totally couldn't remember the guys name. Needless to say he never called me again. Still don't remember his name.

Or the time George, my brother's best friend, squirted green Pert shampoo up my nose and all over my face in the middle of the grocery store. I stood there and yelled give me a tissue as green goop oozed between my fingers. As I walked to the bathroom to wash off I slid in the slime puddle on the floor. George still laughs hysterically about it to this day.

I could go on forever. Surely you have a story to tell. Let me hear it.

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