Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 random things about me

I was tagged on Facebook to tell 25 random things about myself. I thought I would post it here instead of on my Facebook. The rules said that I had to tag 25 other people to tell 25 things about themselves. I am changing the rules a bit. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.

1. I don't like to cook.

2. I have known Hubbs since I was 14! Wow, more than half my life.

3. Tink and I constantly sing and dance around the house. I can't do either very well.

4. My toenail polish obsession has rubbed off onto Tink. Toenails must ALWAYS be painted!!! They are currently blue.

5. I almost drooled when I recently met Tink's ENT Dr (Ear, Nose & Throat). He is freakin HOT!!!

6. I hate being away from Tink. I only leave her to go to work. She goes everywhere else with me.

7. I don't eat seafood. Can't even stand the smell of it.

8. I have a mini-me. Her name is Tink. It's scary how much she looks and acts like me.

9. I adore flip flops!!!

10. I love taking pictures.

11. I still cry over my sweet Noah dog who died last February. I will always love him.

12. I am beginning to dislike my job.

13. I must always be the person pushing the shopping cart or the stroller when shopping. I have control issues, I admit it.

14. I get lost in a good book. I loose all track of time and have been known to read until 3am.

15. I dislike the cold and would LOVE to move to a beach.

16. I have very few close friends. My IRL girlfriends include my Mom, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Ware.

17. I always say I don't want more children, but secretly I feel that if I could be a stay at home mom I would like to have more.

18. Until recently I was self conscious about being 5'10". I have learned it's ok to just be ME.

19. I need to start exercising, but I just can't seem to get motivated.

20. I LOVE to organize things. If I have a closet or room to organize I am in heaven.

21. I actually like watching Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody with Tink.

22. I don't like repeating myself. I feel like that's all that I do now that Tink is almost 4 and is trying to see how far she can push the limits.

23. I don't watch horror or gory movies.

24. I love shows like CSI, NCIS and Law and Order.

25. I act brave, but I am totally afraid of the dark.

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Michelle said...

Great list. I share several of your random things, like getting lost in books and hating gory movies!