Monday, January 19, 2009


Tink and I were leaving Target last night when we overheard this in the parking lot.

Mother to 3 young children: Don't lick the metal buggy rack you little dumb asses!

Betcha this lady won't be winning mother of the year anytime soon.


Michelle said...

LOL! See now I kind of find that funny.....but odds are she was being mean, which isn't funny.

The Johnson 5 said...

Stupidity at its finest!!

Those kind of people make me want to rip out their reprodutive organs :)

Cursing at your kids? Really? Trash ball city!!

I'm just me... said...

This lovely mother of the year contestant was being mean. I felt sorry for her three little ones. We could hear her screaming at her kids all the way across the parking lot. Tink even commented that "she wasn't being nice and she said a bad word."