Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Preschool starts in 7 days. I am not looking forward to this. In 7 days my baby will be going to school, she won't be a baby anymore! I am going to be a mess that day. And many more days to follow I am sure.

Tink is very shy around people she doesn't know. I explained this to her teacher the night of orientation at her school. The teacher, Mrs Peters, didn't seem to care. She said hello to Tink then proceeded to give me a 15 minute lecture of how great her college age daughter is. After hearing all about the daughter I got to see 50 photos of her in her cheerleader uniform. Yes very nice, but I have questions about the classroom and Tink's care while she is there. Mrs. Peters told me a bit about the classroom and the way she runs things there. My questions were not answered, she assured me she would address them at our home visit the following week. The home visit was not much better. Mrs. Peters wasn't any friendlier and I did not like the answers I got to my questions.

I called my dear friend Nie, Livy Bug's mom, who is a preschool teacher at a different school. I told her about Mrs. Peters and the rules the classroom are ran by. These rules do not meet the county guidelines and seem to be made up as the teacher sees fit. I was not comfortable with the situation, neither was my friend Nie.

After talking to school higher-ups, Nie was able to pull a few strings and have Tink transferred across town to be in her classroom.

Tink and I stopped by the school on Monday to see Nie and the classroom. The classroom is adorable. There are murals on the walls and little stations set up for different types of play. The sand table is set up to look like a luau with a grass covered umbrella above it. The aid, Mrs Book was there and was very friendly. Tink enjoyed exploring the classroom and saw the job chart on the wall which shows what the students "jobs" are going to be for the week. Tink is excited to be the snack helper the first week.

On the way home Tink and I were talking about our favorite parts of the classroom. Tink loved the fish tank and the kitchen area. I liked the science table where experiments will be conducted. I told Tink I was a bit jealous of all the fun she was going to have this year and suggested maybe I could go to preschool too. A week ago this was Tinks ideal solution, go to preschool AND have Mama with her all day. Not now. "This is just the way it's going to have to be mama. I am going to school and you are going to work, when I am done you can come back and pick me up. That's just the way it is." So I guess I'm not the only one who was helped by the school switch.

It looks like this was the right decision. Thank God! I knew Nie's classroom was a better fit for us and Tink's new found confidence is proving that to me.

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