Thursday, September 3, 2009

The kids said what??

I am joining up with Cammie to see what the kids are saying this week. Check out the others here

Tink and I were sitting on the front porch the other evening watching Maggie May run around the yard. Maggie had a tennis ball and wasn't about to give it up. She brought the ball on the porch and jumped into a chair to chew on it for a while. When Tink took a step toward Maggie's chair Maggie jumped off tipping the chair over in her escape. Tink looked at me with huge eyes and very seriously said "She just knocked the whole damn chair over!" Very calmly I asked Tink what she had said. "I'm just really sorry for saying the bad word, but good luck with that." Alrighty then.

The day we arrived at my company retreat Tink was already worn out by the time we arrived at the cabins. After unloading the car, a quick lunch and short fishing trip it was nap time. I took Tink to our cabin and we laid down for a nap. I laid on the bed reading and Tink was having a bit of trouble falling asleep. After the ten millionth "I can't go to sleep" to which I replied "If you would lay still and quit talking you would fall right to sleep" Tink rolled over and informed me "You are very exasperating!" Really!? Where does she learn this stuff? I had to hide my face behind the book. About ten seconds later she was sound asleep.

During the same trip, my boss's cabin next door to ours had a huge playroom set up with a wooden kid sized kitchen. It really was an adorable room complete with sink, stove, table and chairs, cupboards, rocking horse and doll carriage. They were all antiques, but were there to be played with. Tink was the only girl on this trip and made good use of the toys. Late the first evening on our way through the playroom to the camp fire out back Tink commented about the room "Isn't it so nice that Gregg (my boss) made this room just for me." I couldn't tell her otherwise, so I just agreed with her. When we got outside Gregg was smiling, he had heard the entire conversation through the open windows of the playroom. The room Gregg made just for Tink has been the topic of conversation at our house alot lately. Gregg is one of Tinks best friends now.

Of course we are always flooded with lots of cute words like "forout" instead of without, "not today, but the day before that" instead of yesterday, "bequeen" instead of between and my new favorite "hulau" instead of luau.

I finally figured out why Tink says forout. Hubbs and I were talking the other night and he used the word forout. It totally cracked me up. He was not so amused by my laughing.


Cammie said...

these are awesome. I swear we raise the same daughter

Flip-flop Mama said...

Hey! I just saw that you read my blog. Just wondering how you found it?!