Monday, September 21, 2009

My crappy weekend.

Well. I have been in the crappiest mood this weekend. I am sure it is everyone else who is making me cranky. Hubbs says it's just me being crabby. I think I should just boycott everyone who irritates me and then I won't have to worry about it.

I think I should start with my mom. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this woman! She also drives me bat shit CRAZY!! She has a great knack for stating the obvious and treating me like I'm 2. She's also getting sneaky in her old age. Like this Sat, she invited Tink and I to go to a craft show and then to the mall with her. When we are half way to the craft show she informed me my SIL and my nephews "the mafia" would be joining us. At that point I was trapped in the vehicle with her and couldn't do anything but smile even though I was less than thrilled. Luckily, Hubbs, Tink and I had a birthday party to go to and Hubbs met us at the mall and rescued us.

Next in line for disowning are my brother, SIL and "the mafia" aka my nephews.
The mafia are kinda cute at first glance. Then you hear the high pitched whining voices, the screaming and crying, the hitting, kicking and general disregard for authority figures and you want to smack them.
The last time we had a family get together at a restaurant (now referred to as the "Night of Hell") these two were animals! They ran around the restaurant like idiots, hid under tables, one fell onto a chair and blacked his eye, screamed like wild monkeys, refused to eat, threw food and then crawled under our table stabbing various family members in the foot with a plastic knife. All the while my brother and SIL are sitting there smiling like nothing is going on. Get a grip people! Your kids are going to end up in reform school!
At the craft show my oldest nephew made Tink cry when he told her his dad was going to shoot our dogs. (He apparently hates our dogs because Bo barks at my nephews when they chase Tink and Maggie May takes their toys when they lay them down in the yard.) Stay home, our dogs won't bother you then!

Hubbs entire family is getting disowned while I'm at it. Except for Racheal, my newest SIL, she's a sweetie. The rest are CRAZY! The adults are rude and like to talk about people behind their backs and they only call when they want something. The kids are all smart mouths. Hanging out with them is FUN stuff!

Maybe it is me. Maybe it's the pms. Nah. It's them.

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