Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of preschool

Today is Tink's first day of preschool.

Here are two stories about the drop off. You pick which one is true.

Story 1:
Tink visited the dr yesterday and had four immunizations. The shots made her arm sore, but she was fine this morning. I show up at the school with Tink who clung to my leg. Anyone who talked to Tink was met with a mean glare and then she hid behind me. The Boo Hoo breakfast was a real boo hoo fest and Tink had to be led away by our friend Nie who reassured me everything would be fine. I was a sobbing mess by the time I got to my car. I have been miserable all morning wondering if she is still crying.

Story 2:
Tink visited the dr yesterday and had four immunizations. The shots caused her to run a fever and I have been keeping her dosed with ibuprofen. This morning she was miserable with a fever. The meds took about 45 minutes to kick in. This was 45 minutes that Tink should have been getting dressed and eating breakfast. Instead she was laying on the couch and crying.

Once the fever went down she got motivated and helped me pack her lunch and got dressed. Breakfast was eaten in the car on the way to school, between songs. You can't eat when cool songs like "I'm a Nut" and "Wallyatcha" are playing, you MUST sing!

The Boo Hoo breakfast was held in the library this morning. All the preschool parents and students attended. When we walked in the door Tink was met by Nie and Livy Bug. Livy Bug led Tink away to talk to a table of girls from their soccer team. I sat and ate a donut while Tink bounced up and down with excitement. As classmates passed us I read their name tags and told Tink who they were. Tink told me "I just know I am going to make lots of friends today!"

When Nie announced it was about time for the kids to go to their classroom and for the parents to leave a few kids started to cry. Tink gathered her backpack and lunch box and headed for the teacher without even saying good bye. I stopped her and asked her if I got a kiss. She kissed me and gave me a high five then said "love ya, see you after school" and left with the teacher's aide. She looked back once to wave as they walked down the hall.

I was a bit shocked by the entire process. I had been expecting major tears, from both of us. I'm still not sure how I feel about the morning. On one hand I am so proud of the independent, brave, eager to learn little girl I am raising. On the other hand I am sad that my baby is growing up and doesn't need her mommy with her. I guess this is the beginning of the letting go.

Ok, which one really happened?


Cammie said...

Im going to go with #2

The Johnson 5 said...

the 2nd because she is just THAT COOL!!

Fiauna said...

Yeah, I'm going with #2 as well.