Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me Monday!

It's been a while since I've played along with Mckmama's Not Me Monday. I think maybe today I need a little free therapy. Check out the others play along!

I did not take down and sell Tink's baby bed/toddler bed at a consignment sale this past weekend without having a new bed for her to sleep in.

I did not put up Tink's play yard, that she has outgrown, and make her sleep in it last night so I could get some sleep without her attached to my neck since she still does not have a new bed.

I did not call Hubbs from the mall on Sat and threaten to divorce him if he didn't show up within 25 minutes to pick Tink and I up to rescue us from my family.

I did not tell my mom that if my nephews play soccer next year I will not let Tink be on the same team with them.

I did not have to pick Tink up at school last week after she puked all over herself, the hallway and Nie her teacher.

I did not have to lay across Tink and have three nurses help hold her down so blood could be drawn at the dr.

Just because Hubbs insisted he did not want a birthday gift I did not forget to buy his sister something. They are twins for crying out loud! How could I forget that?

Nope, not me!

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