Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We did it all!

I talked Hubbs into everything on my list!

Tink and I visited with Shannon, Kristen and the ever adorable Sara. We gifted them with lots of hand-me-downs for Sara. They gifted us with Tink's first fishing trip. Tink caught 5 fish and loved every minute of it. As long as she didn't have to touch the fish. (She is definitely her mamma's girl!)

We braved the crazy people at Old Navy to emerge with 5 pair of flip flops and a new swim suit for Tink.

We made our way to the cabin. No tv. Food cooked over the fire pit. Swimming at the river. No cell service. Time spent TOGETHER. No indoor bathroom. It was FANTASTIC!!! (Except for the outhouse part.) (And the part where my MIL and stepFIL showed up and sat on their tushies while I was expected to cook for them.)

Bo "gagged up" the toy fish. (Tink refuses to say the work puke, it's always gagged up.)

Graduation party for cousin Brooke was lovely. Lots of good food and family to visit with.

Now, it's back to work and the same old craziness of my life. Dance practices for Tink are crazy with recital coming up in only two weeks.

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