Thursday, May 7, 2009

If only he knew...

Hubbs sometimes tells me I am crazy. He is just kidding of course. Sorta. These statements usually come after I have yelled at him for something he has not done correctly or not done at all.

Like folding the towels. He totally folds them wrong. It drives me crazy. How hard is it to fold them my way? Length wise in half, half again then across in thirds. Perfect. They line up so nicely in the closet.

If only he knew some of the things that go on in my head every day.

For instance:

I eat my fries in pairs of the same size.

I eat m&m's in pairs by color or color combinations. The same goes for Trix cereal, certain color combinations must be eaten first.

When eating I find myself counting how many times I have chewed each bite.

My clothes are lined up according to color in my closet. (Hubbs hasn't realized this or at least has never mentioned it.)

Everything in my house has a place. If one or two things are out of place I give up and let the entire house become a wreck before I get frustrated and go crazy cleaning everything. The same goes for my office at work.

I REALLY bothers me when other people touch MY things.

I have to be in control of the buggy or stroller when out shopping. I also prefer to be driving when in the vehicle.

After Tink is finished playing with her doll houses I rearrange the furniture to make it look just right (I wait until no one is in the room to do this.)

If Hubbs does the dishes it bothers me that he doesn't do them in the same order I do them in (glasses, silverware, bowls, plates, pots and pans.)

When I'm out shopping with my mom and Tink and they go off together to shop in another area of the store I start to panic and have a hard time focusing on people's faces to find them again.

I try desperately not to let anyone know what is happening inside my head. I am afraid they will think I am crazy. Maybe I am, I'm not sure.


The Johnson 5 said...

well I would say ms. you might have just a touch of OCD. I'm not a professional or anything but I'm thinking so.

I understand the in control thing. I almost always drive, even when Brian and I are together. I also get car sick really fast but I like to have control.

The plates, bowls, spoons thing, I don't sweat it, at least someone is doing them!!

We can't let them know that we REALLY are crazy, that would just take the fun out of everyday life.

I'm sorry what did you say? Oh nevermind that was my friends in my head :)

Becky said...

the older I get the more I talk to myself, and I am not afraid to admit that yes sometimes I answer back!!!

Kate said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. Not one bit. I do almost all of those things and I'm not crazy. Right?

Fiauna said...

I can tell you that you are NOT crazy.

I, too, go nut if my husband (or his family) load my dishwasher. There's in an order that must be followed! At. All. Times.