Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

I haven't confessed in a while and I feel after the week I've had I may need to come clean. So, here we go:

* I did NOT get puked on about 10 times in the past week. Nope, my kiddo wasn't home sick for 4 days!

* I did NOT start to get nervous when Tink's fever spiked to 104.8 at 9:30 on Thursday night.

* I did NOT dye my hair red this weekend.

* I did NOT want to smack my MIL when I walked into her house with a new hair color and the first thing that came out of her mouth was "Well, I don't know how we are going to fix this!"

* I did NOT almost have a heart attack when Hubbs climbed to the top of the pine trees behind our house to start cutting them down.

* I did NOT freak when the top of one of the trees hit the side of our house as it fell. Luckily it did not damage anything.

* I did NOT get angry at my oldest niece and cousin's daughter when they made Tink stand in the corner when she asked to play with them.

* I did NOT cringe when I got stuck eating alone with my MIL while EVERYONE else ate together in the dining room over the weekend. Really, she's a peach and I LOVE spending time alone with her! Really!!

* I was NOT extremely nervous about dropping Tink off for dance class and not being allowed to stay and watch, in preparation for the recital. She kissed me goodbye and walked off like it was no big deal.

* I did NOT take advantage of being home from work with a sick kid and use the time when I wasn't cuddling with her to scrub my floors and do some other cleaning.


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Clair said...

Gosh yout week would have really sucked if any of those things had happened and I would definately leave you lots of love. But since none of those things happened i'll just say, thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Ah MIL's. God love 'em.