Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We are off to look at puppies. Hubbs and Tink aare determined that it is time for another dog. Personally I'm not so sure.

I, of course, end up taking care of all the animals.

The poor fish have been swimming in a dirty tank for a month now. Hubbs was supposed to clean their tank. He hasn't done it yet. Last night I noticed one of them is now a floater. I pointed this out to Hubbs. It was still floating this morning. Guess it's now been transferred to my list of things to take care of. As will the care of a new dog.

I am a total sucker for lab puppies though. So.... enough complaining and protesting and on to meeting and bringing home a puppy and naming her. (The only ones left now are females)

My question is......What to name her?????

We already have Bocephus (named for Hank Williams Jr) we call him Bo usually. Hubbs picked out the name.

I'm thinking I get to name this one.

Here's the list I am considering:

Maggie May (my favorite)
Abby (Abigail was one of my choices for Tink)

We'll have to see if I can talk Tink into any of these. Her choices for Bo were Inside-Outside and Hillside. Hubbs had a hard time convincing her Bocephus was a better choice.

What would you name her?

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Fiauna said...

I love Maggie May. So cute. I also like Nala--I think that's a great pet name.

Good for you, getting a dog. I won't let my family do it. Too much work for mom. As if I need one more thing to do, right?