Tuesday, May 12, 2009

taking out the trash

I asked Hubbs to take the trash out last night (for the third day in a row.) "Before bed" he promised.

I got up this morning to find the trash can still overflowing.

Hubbs had left for work hours before. What do I do now? Do I take it out myself!?


Instead I left Hubbs a note taped to the fridge.

Dear Hubbs,

Thanks for taking out the trash last night, if you hadn't I'm sure it would be smelly by now.

Much Love!!!

Hopefully he takes care of it before I get home.

Update: Hubbs found the note and then took out the trash before I got home. He was not amused. I fained innocence and swore I thought the trash really had been taken out.


Toad's Lair said...

Heh heh. You might get a kick out of this website where other people write things like your note:


The Johnson 5 said...

I like the playing innocent thing!!