Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still here.

As for now I am still at my old office. I have not yet been replaced.

I have been sending out resumes.

I feel sick every morning when I have to get up to come here. I feel hurt and betrayed by my office manager and my boss. They can't seem to figure out why I am not talkative and seem upset. Hmmm. Maybe because you are replacing me??!!

I have started to clean out my desk and have taken down my one of a kind artwork (all made by Tink.) I think this made people nervous around here. The boss's wife called me after work to see if I was mad and to see if we could figure out an alternative solution for Tink so I could work full time. "No, sorry. Tink is not going to daycare. I am not taking her out of dance and soccer. You all agreed to my hour switch and I am sticking to it. If you feel like you need to find my replacement go ahead. I can start looking for a new job."

I heard today that they are now looking for a high school student who can come in the afternoons and just answer the phones when I am not here.

I am pretty sure they thought that if they dropped the replacement news on me I would say I would work full time and now that I have stood up and refused to do that they are rethinking the situation.

Irregardless of what happens here I am still looking for something else. There has to be something better out there.


Becky said...

Stick to your guns, in the long run its your baby that is important, you will find something else and I will jump for joy when you do!!! It is hard being a working parent in this day and age.

The Johnson 5 said...

I'm glad you have stuck to your word with this!! These people seem like they want to have their cake and eat it too. Your time with your girl, is MUCH more important. Stay strong and I'm sending prayers :)