Thursday, October 8, 2009

The kid said what??

I am playing along with Cammie today over here Let's see. I ALWAYS have a ton of stuff that I plan to write for these posts, but don't write them down and later can't remember them.

"Mom, you have a big, red zit right there on your chin." Yeah, thanks Tink I had totally forgotten about it.

"Mom, the outfit you wore to Hayley's party the other day looked really beautiful." Awww. I guess that makes up for the zit reminder.

"My dog, Bo, is part lab and part sherman hepard." Almost right.

"Mom, where are my triblets?" Huh? "You know, my three brown stuffed newborn puppies that look alike." Ah, triplets.

Me: So Tink, do you think you would like Mommy and Daddy to have you a little brother or sister?
Tink: No!!
Me: Why not, I though you wanted a brother or sisiter.
Tink: Because, when I asked for one before you said no, so now I say NO!

I was trying on clothes the other day. Tink was watching.
Tink: Mom, what size are those pants?
Me: Small
Tink: Do they fit you?
Me: Not really well.
Tink: What size do you wear?
Me: Medium.
Tink: Do you mean a really big medium?
Me: Um, yeah.


Cammie said...

oh shoot. I love her. and LOL about the pants....darn observant kids

Tooj said...

"Do you mean a really big medium?" LOL They are just too honest. My boy once said something about his dad's stomach being mom's. I about strangled him. I'd just had a baby! I'm playing along with Cammie as well. :) Love the kiddo-speak.

The Johnson 5 said...

from the mouths of babes!! LOVE IT!!