Friday, October 9, 2009

possible job news!

The house almost caught fire last night. It was Hubb's lack of supervision that allowed this to happen. It wasn't even Tink who needed the supervision, it was Maggie May. Luckliy I caught it before anything caught fire, but Hubbs is still in the dog house over this one.

I got a call today at work from one of my customers. She and I were talking a week or so ago about the recent events here at my office. Not that I have told all my clients about the situation, but after 6 years of being her insurance agent and talking to her on a regular basis regarding her business insurance, we have become friends. Today she called to say she is going to be looking for someone to run her office and wondered if I would be interested. Yes, yes I am. So, I gave her my salary requirements and she is going to discuss this with her husband and get back to me. My fingers are crossed!

No baby news yet. We are trying ;)

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