Monday, October 5, 2009

Same old crap and something new.

I'm still here. Same old job. Still looking for something new.

While talking to Hubbs last night we figured out we have both been rethinking our "one child only" policy. Fine time to rethink this policy. I've just sold or given away the last of the baby items. We still have the play yard and the stroller. Guess that's better than nothing. Now we just need to decide if we are really going to try of another one or not. My mind keeps saying no, but me heart is saying yes. What to do? What to do!?

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Anonymous said...

I have some baby stuff if you decide to go at it again! :)
I wish we would have had another one, I get all sad and mopey when I think that I wont ever feel a baby growing inside of me and I always wonder what another little one would look like, BUT then I remember how much I enjoy my sleep ;)