Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forest critters - 1, Hubbs - 0

The "Father's Day" gift that Hubbs got this year is coming in handy already!  Hubbs went up to check on his game camera yesterday and found his deer feeder had been taken apart and the pieces were thrown all over the ground.  He was a bit ticked.  He retrieved the memory card from the camera and brought it to the house to see who had done this.

Upon looking through the 350 pics on the camera from just a couple of days we figured out who was to blame.  It wasn't the two large bucks or the doe that have been coming in to feed every night.  It was the 5 BIG raccoons that come in every night to eat up most of the corn!

When the big critters get bored with just eating they use the feeder to practice their acrobatic feats.  They climb up the legs and hang from the underside and eventually take apart the motor and battery cover and throw them then try to reach inside to get more food.  Little rascals!  They sure are cute! 

Sadly they are now on Hubb's list of animals that must go.  This week live traps are being set to try to trap them.  They will then be relocated to his cousin's property where the guys coon hunt.  

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