Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why do I do this to myself?!

I volunteer to do all sorts of crazy things.  Not just once.  But year after year.  What is wrong with me?

VBS started yesterday.  Guess who volunteered to be a leader for the 4-6 year olds, again?  Yeppers!  Apparently I didn't learn my lesson last year.  Somehow out of the 150ish 4-6 year olds that are at VBS I ended up with some of the same behavior problem children I had last year.  And for some reason they are the ones that love me the most.  One little boy wants to share my chair, hold my hand 24/7, and when I am trying to do anything he is right behind me poking me in the back. 

I am praying for my sanity already. 

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