Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's going on at our house?

I don't remember EVER feeling this crappy. EVER! This morning sickness is never ending. I might (not positive about this) feel better if I could actually throw up. Instead I feel like I am about to all day long. And all night. It's a lovely feeling. I keep telling myself it will pass and the end result is sooo worth it! But honestly, who wants to feel like this!? It sucks. In other and less whiny news: Soccer season started this week. Tink's first practice was rained out on Monday. So tonight is her first practice. Tink is super excited! There are 8 kids on the team and Tink knows 5 of them. Three are girls from her class, one is my brother's youngest son and the other is Tink's friend's little brother. Should be a fun season!! We got news that Hubbs should be going back to work next week. Oh I hope so! Money is pretty tight right now. He's been off for 2 months. My first ob appointment is in one week! I can't wait! I am at 10 weeks right now. That's using my estimation, hopefully the dr puts me there or I would be happy with a few weeks ahead of that. One of my SIL's called me earlier this week and offered us baby stuff. Things like a crib, swing, car seat, stroller and other smaller items. We have nothing left from Tink. We didn't think we would have more kids and got rid of EVERYTHING. I gave some of our stuff to this SIL and now she is returning the favor. It's great to have SILs like that! I think that's about all that is going on at our house.

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