Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First OB visit.

I went to my first ob visit today. I found out a few interesting things.

  • We have 1 (ONE) baby on the way! Not 2 as Hubbs was predicting.

  • I am 11 weeks tomorrow. Which puts me due on Nov. 3. This I already knew.

  • I also have many small fibroids on my uterus, which will be monitored during and after this pregnancy. This I did not know.

  • I also had my first ultrasound and have pics to take home to Tink and Hubbs. Due to the fibroids I will be having MANY ultrasounds during this pregnancy.

  • And like most pregnant women I have developed a heart murmur. I did not know this was common.

  • I HATE having blood drawn! I already knew this too, just thought I'd share. I was poked 3 times plus a lot of needle wiggling to get blood today. I warned the nurse she was going to have problems getting a vein when she walked into the room. She finally had to settle on a vein on the top of my hand.

  • Lastly, I have gained 2 pounds so far. I was a little worried about this, I definatley have a pouch going on and was worried I had gained too much. I'm actually doing ok. I like to keep the weight gain under control! With Tink I gained 30 lbs, which was fine, but I then lost 65 due to breastfeeding.

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