Friday, April 29, 2011

Doxa Week

What a CRAZY week!

As some of you already know Tink and I are both part of the same dance company. She takes the Petite Praiser class, which is for 4 years to kindergarten, and I take the adult class. I have been the mom who coordinates her class for concert for the last 2 years. This semester I decided I would join the adults. I am so thankful I did! I am loving it!

Last week was Doxa week. We had class or rehearsal every night getting ready for Friday's concert. They were about 3 hours each night. Not only did I dance I also coordinated the Petite class, making sure they are lined up correctly and on stage with the right prop at the right time and behaving in the audience between their dances. I did have another mom and my mom who sat with the girls while I was on stage or changing outfits.

Needless to say, I was exhausted by Friday night. I really thought I would have a hard time going onto stage and preforming in front of approx 500 people, but I actually felt at peace and loved every minute of it.

We performed the story of Joseph. I really learned a lot doing the bible study that went along with this story. I am hopeful that everyone there now has a better understanding of the forgiveness and faithfulness that Joseph had for his family and God and will somehow weave this into their own lives.

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