Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

So lately I have been on a roll. It seems like I am pissing someone off daily around here.

This time it's my mom, my brother and my SIL over a 4-wheeler.

Let me give the back story on the 4-wheeler. It is a battery powered plastic toy, like the barbie jeep type. It belonged to my parent's neighbor's grandkid. When the little girl out grew it she brought it to my parent's house and said she wanted to give it to the kids, meaning Tink and my nephews. The 4-wheeler sat on the front porch for over a year. When we moved next door to my parents Tink started riding the 4-wheeler and it eventually migrated to our shed to be kept charged. Anytime my nephews wanted to ride it they did. Last summer the battery quit working properly and Tink decided to use $65.00 of her birthday money to buy a new battery.

Last week my SIL called my mom and said she wanted the 4-wheeler at her house for my nephews, since it was theirs to begin with. Not one to argue I said that was fine, but they needed to either leave the battery and buy a new one or pay Tink $50.00 for that one. They agreed to this and picked it up on Sunday while I was not home.

After they got the toy home my SIL called and told my mom that she would give $35.00 since the battery was used. I did not feel this was right and called her back to tell her so. No one would answer my calls, so I left a message.

This ticked my mom off. She is EXTREMELY mad that I had the nerve to call my SIL and tell her she was being unfair to Tink and needed to pay the $50.00 or return the battery to me. (It's my mom's goal in life to kiss my SIL's ass to make sure she likes my mom.)

I have since seen my SIL twice at soccer and she has avoided me and refused to even look at me. This morning I get a phone call from my SIL. She was yelling about me talking to everyone on the soccer team about her and how our problems are none of their business. I did sit and talk to other mom's at soccer, but my SIL was not the topic of conversation. I'm thinking she has a guilty conscience. I told her as much and proceeded to tell her she could kiss my ass.

Wait till my mom finds out I told my SIL that! She's REALLY gonna flip!

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