Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Off to a great start!

Much to my surprise I am off to a great start this morning.

As I climbed out of bed Hubbs jumped up and said he needed the shower first. I thought this would surely ruin any chances of getting out of the house on time. Somehow it did not. In fact it boosted my morning into overdrive.

Here's my list of things accomplished this morning:

Load of laundry into the dryer and dried before I left the house.

Load of laundry into washer to be turned on when I get home later.

Shower and ready for work.

Tink up and ready for school, without any clothing or hair issues.

Breakfast made for Tink and myself and eaten.

Lunches packed for Tink and myself.

Dinner in the crock pot and turned on, just need to make mashed potatoes later to go with it.

Dogs fed and taken out to potty.

Tink to school on time.

At work on time.

I am totally impressed with myself!

As of tomorrow I will be 15 weeks preggo. I am finally getting some energy back and the morning sickness is all but gone. Thank you God!! Hopefully I keep feeling good and can have more mornings like this.

So after work I am off to get Tink from school then home to finish up dinner for when Hubbs gets there so we can eat and get Tink to her soccer game at 6.

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