Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quiet Birthdays are for sissies!

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 34. Yeah me!!

And how did I spend my day? I'm so glad you asked!

I dropped a cranky Tink off at school and spent the school day at work.

After school I picked Tink up and headed over to her friend Lexi's house for a play date while the mommas chatted. At Lexi's we ate pizza, made cupcakes and Tink tried to break her nose. Apparently she has recently discovered she is an Olympic gymnast in training. It seems you need a running start when you try to walk on your hands. And when you do a nose dive doing this it often leads to much blood and crying and rug burn down you nose and mouth. Who knew?!

Then after all the fun was over we headed home to get soccer clothes and head over to practice. Did I mention it was parents vs kids night for a scrimmage? Of course Hubbs went back to work yesterday (FINALLY! after a 2 month layoff) and didn't make it home in time for practice. Guess who got to play? Yep, I was lucky enough to get to play!!
Yes, I am qualified to play soccer! How dare you think I'm not coordinated enough to play soccer. That's just an ugly rumor Hubbs started! BTW, the kids rocked!!

Hubbs called when we were pulling out of the parking lot at soccer. He had just pulled into town and was making me dinner at his mom's and then she was going to cut and color my hair as a bday gift. Score one for me! My MIL was actually pleasant during the visit. Shocking! Although for the record, when I mentioned the ultrasound last week she did quickly change the subject. She's nice like that. I guess I can't have it all on my bday.

So, it ended up being an interesting day and evening.

Tonight my mom is making my family dinner for my bday. My brother and his monsters will be there. It's gonna be another great evening!!

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