Monday, December 22, 2008

A weekend full of suprises.

I took Tink over to the Moore's on Saturday to play with her best friend Boo. The girls had a great time. They exchanged gifts with each other and decorated gingerbread men for our trees and also sugar cookies. JP joined us later and we all went out for Mexican. A fun day was had by all.

I found out the Moore's are expecting a new little bundle of joy this coming summer. I can't wait!!! Boo doesn't seem too concerned about the new sibling. I know she will make a great big sister.

Tink is very jealous! She is sure we need a real baby at our house. She promises to help take care of it and love it and she will even tickle it and make it laugh. I hated to burst her bubble, but that's not gonna happen. JP and I have discussed this, we aren't having any more kids. Not that I wouldn't love another baby, I love babies. If I could stay home all the time I would seriously consider it. I can't, therefor, no baby.

Our frog bit the big one, so to speak, this weekend. He was quite cute. We had him for over a year. He was an aquatic frog that stayed with the fish in our aquarium. (The last of the fish died in Oct.)

Tink has now ammended her Christmas list to include: two frogs, some fish, a new cat (our's died back in the spring), a dog that loves her more than Reese does and a real baby.

I think I'm headed to the pet store tonight to look for fish and a frog. The rest are not an option.

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Becky said...

Ah yes, the "I want a new baby" for christmas idea.

My daughter has been bugging me for the last 2 years. I tell her she is lucky to have an older brother b/c if she HAD been first she woould have def. been an only child!!!

Good luck looking for the frog and fish!!!

And thanks for the cute pic!!!!