Friday, December 19, 2008

I know I'm on the good list now!

I just did my good deed for the year.

I work in an insurance agency. My boss has a good friend who owns an agency in a town about an hour away. I occasionally talk to the girls at that agency on the phone, we help each other with computer problems or such.

One of the girls called a little bit ago. She is in desperate need of a Wii. There are none to be found in the mountain town she lives in and the Toys r Us in my town had 3. TRU would not hold the Wii for her, it is first come first serve. Could I possibly run over there and buy one and she will drive down tonight and buy it from me?

Sure. I'm feeling the Christmas spirit, why not.

My office manager suggested I drive on up the hill to the mall and get us Chick-fil-a for lunch while I was over there. Sounded great!

So I did.

When I got there it was so nice outside, sunny and 60! Wow! It has been raining all week and in the 30s. I shed my winter coat and braved the crazy parents at TRU and soon had a Wii.

Ok. Off to the mall.

That place is a mad house! There is no place to park and people every where. I parked a mile away, but it was so nice out, who cares.

When I got to the counter to place my order I realized I had my umbrella in my hand and I don't remember grabbing it in the car. I soon had my hands full of bags and cups and go to leave the mall. It started raining.

I adjusted my packages so I could hold the umbrella upright. Half way across the parking lot the wind started. Like 50 mph winds! My umbrella flew inside out and started pulling me across the parking lot. Then the torrential rain began. Seriously. I was soaked from head to toe. I had river of rain running down my face.

So, here I sit at my desk. Wet hair. No make up, it all came off as I dabbed dry with my Chick-fil-a napkins. In wet clothes.

It's a good thing the food was good!

I'd better be getting an extra nice gift is all I have to say, Santa!

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Michelle said...

Great story......I could totally see you struggling in the rain. Not that it is funny.....just a well told story!

I'm sure Santa will give you extra points for your good deed!