Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas card

Dear Bear living in the woods behind our house,

I just want to say thanks for making yourself known this weekend by leaving your footprints in the snow on the hill overlooking my backyard. We have suspected you were up there somewhere for some time now, but had no idea how close you would actually come to the houses. If the sound under the front bedroom window was actually you last summer, please don't come back into the yard.

I know I usually just let Reese out to run a couple of times a day, but since you have made yourself known I am keeping him tied up in the front yard when he needs out. I am afraid he will run into you when he makes his nightly round around the yard. Reese likes to bark if he doesn't know you and he is a bit overweight so I'm pretty sure he would tick you off and not be able to out run you or have a clue how to protect himself. Reese is not happy about being tied up and honestly I don't like having to go out into the snowy yard to untangle him from around the shrubs and rose bushes that he has wound himself around.

I have heard you like bird food as snacks, so I have also stopped filling my bird feeders outside, hoping not to entice you into coming down off the hill. The birds are not happy either.

Since I explained to Tink how she can not leave the sight of grown ups while outside, fearing that she may unexpectedly find you napping under the pines in the back yard if she were to venture out there alone, she has been having nightmares. She is sure you are lurking around every doorway or in every dark closet in our house.

I just want to say that I am glad you have chosen our neighborhood as your home, but really we would all be a little happier if you wouldn't come down out of the woods. Even if you were only checking us all out from the top of the hill.

I do hope you have a very merry Christmas, but shouldn't you be hibernating this time of year? Just asking.

Happy Holidays!!
Just me.

PS - JP is a hunter. You may want to consider relocating in the spring, I'd hate to see you mounted in my house somewhere. Really. He has been known to threaten doing just this. Just saying.


Michelle said...

Holy cow.......a bear in your back yard??? Yiks, that would scare the living day lights out of me!

angie said...

I bear in your backyard? YIKES! :)

Becky said...

We should really do something about the wild life around here! Where do they think we live in WV or something? Hahaha!

Maybe we should just introduce your bear to our bobcat?

Watch your garbage too!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

OMG! A bear! I'd be freaking. I hope he takes your warning to heart and gets back to hibernatin' real soon!