Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On boating...I mean voting!

I took Tink with me yesterday to vote. I have to admit, before I had Tink I was a slacker in the voting department. Since her birth I have made it a point to vote. I want her to know that this is important and we should be honored to have the chance to vote.

As we left the house yesterday she wanted to know "Where we were going Momma?"
I told her "We are going to vote, then go to the library to get some books, then lunch and grocery shopping." She was quiet in the backseat for a while.

A few minutes later she wanted to know "Why are we going boating?"
I told her it is "Vvvvoting, not Boating."
"Ok....Voting, why are we going voting?"
I explained "we are going to help pick the new President."

A few minutes later. "Are they going to give us paddles?"
"No, they are going to give us a paper and a pen honey."

"Why won't they give us paddles? We need paddles." She was very insistent that we would need paddles.
"No Tink, we don't need paddles just paper and a pen."

"Yes Momma, you need paddles to go voating. You know, to make the voat move."
Now I understood, she thought we were still going boating.
I tried not to giggle. I explained again "There is no boat, we are voting for the president."
She still looked a bit confused.

As we got out of the car in the parking lot she looked around and informed me "We can't voat here, there is no water!"
I had to laugh. Poor kid, I gave up on explaining it. She's only 3, she has plenty of time to figure it out. In the mean time, she wore her I Voted sticker proudly.

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