Thursday, November 6, 2008

Old, Old, Old!

I am in PAIN! Seriously people, real pain.

Why, you ask. Well, my back went out. I'm pretty sure you have to be old for this to happen. So, I am officially O.L.D.!

I was on my way across the lawn to the car when this happened. I bent over to pick up Tink, didn't want her shoes to get wet from the grass, and sudden pain! I about scared the poor kid to death. I couldn't move. Any movement was pure agony. After a few minutes we made our way to the car. I was in tears by the time we got there.

I eventually made it to work and have an appointment with the chiropractor in a little while. In the mean time I have taken enough Tylenol to kill a horse. The pain is still there. It feels a bit like labor pains, except it never goes away. At least with labor pains I only had them like every 5 minutes and then I got an epidural. I wonder, can they give an epidural for back pain? I'll have to ask the chiropractor.


Becky said...

I hope that the doc can fix you up, weird but I had a similar happening yesterday at Wal-mart! I was reaching down to get fat free milk, and because the people who work in the dairy dept must have been really busy at noon, there wasnt any milk pushed down, it was clear in the back. I reached in to get it and pulled a muscle in my neck. D, it hurt so bad I almost passed out! I saw stars and thought "If I pass out there is not one moron in this store that would help me." So after a minute I pulled (yes I had to pull my cart I couldnt push it) to the front checked out and an older gentleman (probably 65) helped me put the 25pd bag of dog food and cat liter in my car. Thank god for him!

I slept with the heating pad on it and have taken several Aleve today.

If this is what happens when you hit 31 just put me out to pasture!!!

Seriously though I hope you are ok, let me know what happens!


Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Ohhhhh, that is awful! I'm so sorry. It doesn't take much for these things to happen. I hope you're feeling better soon. (And, I'm not a doctor, but I believe you can get an epidural for back pain. DH has a herniated disc in his neck and has several epi shots for that ... to no avail.)

Michelle said...

Ugh! I hope the chiropractor can fix you up!