Friday, November 21, 2008

And he's off.

Every year, since he was 12, Hubs goes to hunting camp for the first week of deer season. For the past couple of years he has been leaving earlier and earlier. This year he took off two weeks instead of one. He has been home all this week and has been hunting a little every day at our house and doing some other things that need to get done. He leaves today for deer camp.

As soon as his cousins get off work they are headed to the store to buy food (I'm pretty sure it's just beer, chips and beef jerky) for the week and are off to the "farm" until Thanksgiving day.

I use the term farm loosely.

That's what they call it, I call it a hell hole.

But then again, I am used to sleeping with no mice in my bed and no bullet holes in the kitchen wall. Really people, this place is a bit scary.

I have been there.


For like 10 minutes.

I was afraid to sit on the furniture. The entire place smells like deer pee. I was told it is called Tinks and is the top of the line deer attractant. Yeah, it's still deer pee.

I chose to sit on the front porch.

As of today I am hubby-less until Thanksgiving. I will be able to clean my house tonight and it will stay that way for almost a week! I won't have spit cans sitting on my end tables! I will have the entire bed to myself! Well, if you don't count the dog and Tink.

So, when he calls me at work later today to say that he is leaving, I will pretend that I am sad to see him going.

Then I will call his cousins wives. We will make plans for dinner together this week, we will drink daiquiris and let our kids play together. We will laugh about our hubbies at the farm and how their hot water heater goes on the fritz every year. Then I will have the shower turned on and waiting for him when he walks in the door on Thursday. Because boy does he smell bad when he gets home!

I will also get lots of Christmas shopping done. Shhhh. I don't want him to think I am having fun while he is gone.


Michelle said...

The farm sounds like some place you would find the texas chainsaw murderer. Eeek!

mannequin said...

Oh that's funny! "The hell hole"...
I SOOOO know what you mean. Hubby is from TX and insisted I go to the ranch one weekend when I first met him.

I pictured oil wells and a ranch like on TV. NOT. It was a ranch alright, complete with sparse furnishings and no heat.
Outside , the woods were gorgeous but I couldn't go outside. He had "neglected" to tell me that we were in rattlesnake country.
Why on earth would anyone want to live like that? I prefer modern conveniences like heat.

mannequin said...


You are a winner at Fractured Toy!
If you would be so kind as to email me within 72 hrs., I'll be able to get your prize right out to you!

Thanks so much for joining us for tea.