Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's funny how sometimes you end up being friends with someone and it seems like you have been friends forever. It's like that with me and my friend Whitney.

We went to school together waaaay back when. Whitney was a little younger than me and I remember seeing her in the halls, but I'm not sure we ever even talked. She was then best friends with Hubb's twin Court, so she spent a lot of time at his house growing up.

Fast forward ALOT of years and add facebook and blogging in there and Whitney and I have ended up becoming friends. We kept saying we were going to get our girls together to play, they seemed so much alike. We finally made a date and met up to let them play. Tink usually doesn't warm up to people very fast, so I was a little shocked that within a few minutes of knowing Whitney and her 3 kids she was actually talking to them. Our girls are like two peas in a pod! Silly peas!! They were instant bffs.

All three of Whitney's kids are pretty awesome. And it's like Whitney and I have known each other forever. We have them over for dinner and play dates often.

The best part is, Hubbs even likes them. He usually shuts himself in the bedroom when I get company so he doesn't have to socialize with anyone. But seeing how he grew up with Whitney he actually likes her and stays to socialize and cooks for us. He likes her kids too. Amazing!

Speaking of Whitney and the kids, they are on their way over tomorrow evening for pizza and baking cookies. Guess that means I need to quit blogging and get my house cleaned.

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