Monday, March 14, 2011

The Baby News

Most of the people that Hubbs and I have told about the baby are very happy for us.

His mother, not so much.

When Hubbs called and told his mom her response was "On Purpose?" Hubbs told her "Nope, we haven't figured out how that happens yet." That was the end of it. She moved on to another subject.

Yesterday we went to Hubb's Grandmother's 93rd birthday. The entire family was there, we have not seen any of them since we found out about the baby.

The ONLY people who congratulated us on the baby were Hubb's step dad, Hubb's brothers and their wives and Hubb's sister and her boyfriend and the lady who lives next door to Hubb's mom. My MIL didn't even speak to me. Man, she's even lovelier than I remember her being when I was preggo with Tink.


Melissa said...

First of all ... CONGRATULATIONS!! I am embarrassed to say that I missed the big announcement post (just went back to read your last few entries ... yay!!) and am just now extending all the best wishes I have.

There will always be idiots like your MIL and others who will question your decisions and choices. It's maddening, but just tell yourself that their issues aren't about YOU ... it has to do with them. Y'know what I mean?

Anyway, congratulations again! Very excited and happy for you!

Toad's Lair said...

Oh, Denise. I'm sorry. She is really something. I will never understand people. I can't fathom anyone being anything but happy for you--especially given how lovely Tink is. You're obviously fantastic parents!

Becky said...

You know I understand how you are feeling right about now...its hard but don't let her and her rude behavior get to you...I love you bunches!!!