Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Kid Said What??

Okay, I am going to play along with Cammie's new carnival. You can check it out over at the House of No Sleep here

So, here we go:

Last night Tink was playing her DS on the couch beside of Hubbs, who was playing his Wii. (Yes we are slackers who play video games!) Tink was having trouble with her new game, ya know because she can't read yet and it has onscreen instructions, and suddenly I hear "Damn game!" Hubbs (who never hears ANYTHING when he is engrossed in his game) jerked his head up and asked what she said. "Never mind."

Bed time every night is a struggle. Tink doesn't want to sleep in her own room, she wants to sleep with her arms wrapped around my neck. Last night was no exception. "Just say yes mama, just say yes. Just say I can sleep in your bed, pleeease?"

Bed time also brings the same question EVERY night. "Do I need to keep my underwear on with my jammies?" Yes. For the 1 millionth time, yes.

Yesterday at Mamaw's house, Mamaw and the Mafia brothers (my nephews for those who don't know) were having a discussion about their dad (my brother). The Mafia were sure their dad would let them do whatever bad thing Mamaw had told them not to do and told her "My Dad will yell at you." Mamaw informed them she wasn't afraid of their dad, she would smack him too. Tink whispered to the mafia brothers "Mamaw is a bad talker, but don't tell her." Sadly, Tink doesn't whisper very quietly.

That's all I have this week. I need to start writing this stuff down.


Cammie said...

methinks that your Tink and my Mallory together could take down the world with cuteness.
thanks for playing!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! Those were great!

The Rambler said...

Just popping over from Cammies blog to see the other carnival participants.

I've been trying small steps to getting our little girl to sleep in her own bed. Her toddler bed is next to our bed. Everynight. She starts in it and somehow when I wake up...she's got me pinned to the side of the bed with my foot holding me up.

Sigh. Our lives as mothers I suppose :)

Anonymous said...

Ah our kids, especially the girls...gotta love them.

Fiauna said...

Ha ha ha. Thanks for making me giggle today!

Jaime said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by!

Your little girl is so cute. I can't wait til my baby starts dance this year! Those little costumes are adorable!

The Johnson 5 said...

I love those!
She is a DOLL!!

I'm thinking of a blog make over girl! I might need my blogging buddies HELP!!