Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Skunk,

I do hope you are enjoying skunk heaven.

I warned you last week that JP was looking for you.

When he went out to lock up the shed last night and found you sitting on the hillside behind him, that was the last straw. You were just too close to the yard with Tink and the dogs out there. Hubbs felt he had no choice but to shoot you.

Does it really take six shots to kill a skunk? No? Hmmm.

Did you really have to let loose and spray like that after Hubbs shot you? The lovely aroma that came in through the air conditioner is still lingering this morning. I usually prefer vanilla or a tropical scent as an air freshener, although "ode de skunk" is interesting.

I am very sorry you did not get the proper burial you deserved. Hubbs had his reasons for flinging you over the fence onto a neighbor's property.

Missing the aroma already,

PS. If you have any little relatives or friends living nearby I hope they now see Hubbs means business and move on. Quickly.

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The Johnson 5 said...

you crack me up!!

Are they mean animals?
I don't know anything about them.