Friday, July 25, 2008

Going to the beach again

I am going to the beach again!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Not until October, but I am going again! I can already feel the sun on my face, the salty wind in my hair and the sand between my toes. I can't wait!!!

I guess I should explain. My parents are avid Harley riders, which is a story for another time, and travel to Myrtle for Bike Week twice a year. This is not the stay at a dinky apartment and bring your own towels and sheets, eat pb&j for lunch, clean the place yourself kinda trip that J the baby and I just took. This is a stay ocean front in a brand new condo with a maid and dinner at nice restaurants kinda trip that my empty nest parents can now afford. I have never had this kind of trip before, not even when I lived at home.

Any whoooo.... My mom is my babysitter. It was agreed when I negotiated coming back to work here, if my mom couldn't watch A, I needed time off. So, since I am going to be off work anyway and my parents have an extra bed they have offered A and I a free trip to the beach. I will only have to pay for our food. J will stay home to work and take care of our dog.

J does not see this as fair, I on the other hand see nothing wrong with it. Seeing how he takes two weeks off to hunt every Nov and stays at his family's hunting cabin the whole time and does not feel one bit of guilt with leaving me take care of everything. I think I am entitled to this vacation.

A and I will play on the beach all day and will have three pools in our building and a large park next door. We will also have the truck to travel wherever we want as my parents will be traveling on their bikes the entire time.

I can't wait!

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