Friday, August 15, 2008

Around my house

* While getting ready for work, with a terrible sinus infection.

A: Momma, I made you some turkey breast soup. It will help you feel better. Try some.

Mom: Wow, that is really good. (while eating my pretend soup)

A: Do you fell better now?

Mom: You made me feel much better. (I didn't tell her it was her thoughtfullness, not the pretend soup, that made me feel better.)

* In the car with my family this weekend going to dinner.

Mom: A, where do you want to eat dinner?

A: Well......what are my options?

Mom (to dad): What did she say?

Dad: She wants to know what her "options" are.

Mom: That's what I thought.

* While cleaning out my closet.

Mom: A, what are you doing in there?

A: I'm improvising.

Mom: Really? (thinking she has no clue what improvising means.)

A: See this magic wand? (waving her pink wand with butterflies and ribbons hanging from it) It's my gun and I'm going bear hunting. I'll be back later. (skips off down the hall with her wand over her shoulder reciting the song "Goin' on a bear hunt")

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Toad's Lair said...

My God, she is so smart. I think these attributes will serve her well in her life: nurturing others, exploring her options, and the ability to improvise when you don't quite have what you need to work with. She's going to go far!

I think I was still banging rocks together and grunting monosyllabic words when I was her age!