Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Town Parade

Wanna know what a small town parade looks like?
First you have a small town.

Then you add some funny cars and guys in hillbilly hats.

The NYPD marching band and
every high school marching band for 5 counties.

Add a drill team of men in their undies with lawn chairs.
Plus every drill team and dance studio in the state.

Top it off with an adorable Tink and you have a small town parade!


Toad's Lair said...

I feel cheated that none of my small town parades ever had drill teams with lawn chairs!

I'm just me... said...

You've been gone too long then. You need to come home to WV for the next big parade. These guys march in all the parades now, they are actually quite good and extremely hilarious! They are always in some version of their boxers, wife beater tanks and high socks. Funny stuff!!