Monday, June 23, 2008

On drinking...

I will warn you now, this whole story is kinda pathetic. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of myself, but honestly I am neither. I just find the entire situation extremely funny. I, at 31 years old, finally got drunk for the first time.

J, the baby and I went to a friends wedding this Saturday. It was a nice wedding with a huge party at Maple Lake Clubhouse afterward. We had lots of fun. A and I danced while the hubby bs'ed with his buddies.

I am always the designated driver, but J decided he wasn't in the mood to drink. It was getting late and A was beginning to wind down and I thought a glass of wine sounded pretty good. My hubby made it his mission to get me drunk.

I'm not sure how much I actually drank. Every time I picked up my glass it was full. I finally got smart and quit setting it down. By the end of the glass I couldn't stop laughing. J had to carry our sleeping baby to the car while helping me stand up.

The car ride home was miserable! I have never been so sick in my life. My poor hubby had to take care of our daughter then carry me into the house and help me get my pjs on. I could not stand up at that point.

J thinks the whole situation was the funniest thing he has ever seen. All his buddies have called to congratulate me on my first drunk, they are so proud that they contributed to my drunkenness.

All I can say is it was one interesting evening! If I recall correctly I even had a really hot guy sitting on my lap at one point. Nice!


Toad's Lair said...

Oh my! I feel like I should congratulate you, too, but I'm sorry about the sick part. That's rough. And I always seemed to get a worse headache from wine than from anything else.

Boy, the Maple Lake clubhouse brings back a lot of memories. I can remember in 7th or 8th grade I went to somebody's birthday part there and every time a slow song came on I ran to the bathroom to avoid Kevin D. asking me to dance. Everyone that would come in would say, "Do you know Kevin's looking for you?" Of course, he ended up becoming my first 'real' boyfriend a couple years later. I now think of him as 'the octopus.' He couldn't keep his hands to himself and they seemed to be everywhere at once!

Ok now what said...

Hey wait a minute, I was in love with him! I hope you aren't the crazy psycho ho bag who stole him right out from under me!!!

Just kidding, props on the weekend D, a few years ago, my hubby and I hit up an elimination for (get this) the Barrackville Youth Baseball Association. We took this couple who are friends with us, funny he is a US Marshall. Anyways we all 4 got so totally obliviatedly drunk, it to this day was not funny, I was ordering up cork screws instead of screw drivers!

After the dinner we left and went to Bunny's where the men, after prancing around yaking about how they were pool gods, got the pants beat off of them in a game of pool, by a couple of kids that could not have been more than 18.

I hope you were able to get some enjoyment out of it by the way ;)

Toad's Lair said...

Excuse me, bartender? Can I get another corkscrew? Can you believe I've had 10 drunks and I'm not even corkscrewed?

Haha! B., this is how I imagine you. When I come in we might have to give D. a second experience, but this time it won't be wine. I vote for champage--it makes you nice and happy and giggly.

Ok now what said...

And I will go on the record stating that I have NEVER thrown up or been sick after I was trashed.

Now I will admit to a slight headache after Erica Hamric wedding in 1996, but I probably drank enough to kill someone my size, as a matter of fact I cannot believe I survived it...I had (funny that i still remember)
-my champagne and both her sisters glasses BEFORE the meal blessing was done
-more champagne, courtesy of everyone else at the table except Joanna (she wouldnt share)
-2 double shots of crown, RIP Don
-4 or 5 kalhuas and cream (kinda fuzzy here)
-3 TRIPLE shots of tequila
-a couple "screwdrivers"
-2 Lords and Cokes
- and then 2 glasses of sex on the beach (it was my first time experiencing that, loved it)
I remember dancing on the table to "Tequila" and downing my triple shots of tequila one right after another. Mind you gals I weighed 98 pounds....and i didnt even puke.

*In no way am I condoning such astounding acts of alcohol binging*

I'm just me... said...

Ok, let me first try to redeem myself by saying that I was drinking homemade wine, not regular wine.

Secondly, B were you trying to kill yourself?? Dear Lord girl!

Guess the good news is...I'm a happy drunk!

Ok now what said...

A Happy drunk is the best kind! ;)

I dont know what I was doing, and I am lucky that I didnt kill myself.