Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversation with my daughter

While walking across our yard last night after dark:

A: I wish I had a cape.

Mom: Why? What would you do with a cape?

A: I would fly up to the moon and bring it down so I could look at it.

Mom: That sounds like it would be fun.

A: Well...maybe not. Ants might eat the moon all up and then I couldn't see at night.

I love these conversations with my two year old!!! They make me smile.


Toad's Lair said...

This is lovely. Ainsley already sounds wise beyond her years.

I'm just me... said...

She is quite smart. You have to be present for one of her stories to fully enjoy them. There is so much excitement in her voice and hand motions. It is hard to keep a straight face for most of these conversations. She's such a joy!