Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soccer game and a fight on the way.

Tink had her first soccer game of the season last night. It was awful. The kids on our team acted like they were in a daze. Tink stood on the field and played with her hair and whined that she was tired and thirsty. We ended up scoring 2 points and the other team had 10 or 12. I'm not sure, score is not officially kept at the games.

Lucky for us my nephew was on the other team. I'm sure you all remember me talking about my brothers boys, the mafia. They are terribly behaved little turds.

When the game was over I told my nephew he played a good game. I then told Tink she made a great stop and a couple of really good take aways during the game.

When we got 3 minutes down the road my cell phone rang. It was my brother wanting to talk to Tink. Tink refused to talk, she was too tired she said. My brother responded "That's ok, I was just calling so Chase could rub it in that Tink's team sucks and we kicked their ass."

Ok. "Well, tell Chase that he did great and Aunt D is proud of him."

Hubbs could tell I was pissed when I hung up, but I told him I would tell him about it later. I didn't want to repeat what had been said in front of Tink. I told Tink my brother called to tell her she played a great game.

Why, why, why would an adult call to say something like that to a 4 year old?! I hope he feels like the ass that he truly is! I typically keep my mouth shut for the sake of family peace, but it's not going to take much more for me to blow up.


The Campbells said...

Seriously, I am pissed for you. Four is not the time to be competitive, they have a lifetime for that. Let them be kids. Stand up for your girl and know that you are right.

Becky said...

Oh D I feel for you I really do. Amiya played soccer when she was 5 and it was a disaster, she was cold and cried and just stood there most the time. The older she gets the more she will want to do stuff like that I promise!

I completely understand how you are feeling (and you know that) I have 2 brothers that are completely lame in the uncle department and are just let downs. I am trying to come to grips with the fact that it is their loss and they will be the ones that look back one day and realize what morons they really were and how the best moments of life passed them up.

Chin up, I love you and tell her great game even if she was cold and tired!!! HUGS